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 Cambridge Trainer Unit 2002
Vibram 2002 Cambridge Trainer units. Flat sole in soft rubber. Excellent resistance to wear and high..
 Jankuat 1220
Vibram 1220 Jankuat Commando Units Black. Flat rubber sole, excellent resistance to wear and high no..
 Marmolada 1009
Vibram 1009 Marmolada Commando units Black. Excellent resistance to wear and high non-slip capacity,..
Betulla 8303
Vibram 8303 Betulla Commando Units. Lightweight morflex sheet to be used on lifestyle footwear. Sold..
Diablo Trainer Unit
Flat Trainer Sole with tapered toe. ..
Gumblock H 2604
Vibram 2604 Gumblock H Commando units Black or Brown. The 22mm heel in Gumlite compound can be used ..
Gumblock S 2603
Vibram 2603 Gumblock S Commando units. Sole with separate heel. Excellent resistance to wear. B..
Montagna 1149
Vibram 1149 Montagna Commando Units. Blocker rubber sole: Excellent resistance to wear and high non-..
Mortara 2333
Vibram 2333 Gents Mortara Commando Soles. Mens half sole in soft 5mm rubber. Classic Vibram pattern ..
Pavia Half 2347
Vibram men's half-sole in 4.5mm compact rubber with crossed narrow line pattern. Available in three ..
A lightweight yet durable, hard-wearing sole with a distinct pattern. The River sole is availab..
Roccia 1136
Boasting optimum durability, non-slip capacity and a blocker rubber sole, the black V..