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CAD CAM High Density EVA Block in Black A55/60 35mm
A high density (A55/A60) CAD CAM EVA in black, in blocks measuring 398mm x 298mm at 35mm thick...
CAD CAM Natural EVA A45/50 35mm
Beige/NaturalEVA A45/50 35mm  ..
CAD CAM Natural EVA A55/60 35mm
CAD CAM Natural EVA A55/60 at 35mm and in varying block sizes, cut to order. ..
CAD CAM Natural EVA Blocks A25/30 35mm
CAD CAM EVA, natural in colour and A25/30 shore. 35mm thick and in varying block sizes. ..
CAM CAM Grey EVA Blocks A15/20 35 mm
CAD CAM A15/20 Low Density Grey Blocks. Also available in bespoke sizes and colours. ..
Dual Density A50/A25 35mm block
Dual Density A50/A25 35mm block ..
Polyurethane (A36) Duck Block
PU Black Duck shape block,36A, Per pair ..
White EVA A25/30 35mm
A low density white CAD CAM EVA with an A25/ A30 shore and a 35mm thickness. Sold in block..