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Blue Poron Sheet 4708®
Blue Poron Sheet 4708® - Medical Grade poron 99cm x 137cm poron foam sheet  ..
Breathable Microfibre Lining
Microfibre Lining uncombined 100 x 140cm. High quality synthetic suede finish lining. ..
CAD CAM High Density EVA Block in Black A55/60 35mm
A high density (A55/A60) CAD CAM EVA in black, in blocks measuring 398mm x 298mm at 35mm thick...
CAD CAM Natural EVA A45/50 35mm
Beige/NaturalEVA A45/50 35mm  ..
CAD CAM Natural EVA A55/60 35mm
CAD CAM Natural EVA A55/60 at 35mm and in varying block sizes, cut to order. ..
CAD CAM Natural EVA Blocks A25/30 35mm
CAD CAM EVA, natural in colour and A25/30 shore. 35mm thick and in varying block sizes. ..
CAM CAM Grey EVA Blocks A15/20 35 mm
CAD CAM A15/20 Low Density Grey Blocks. Also available in bespoke sizes and colours. ..
Cobra Pad
Cobra pads. Soft green low density latex sponge.Sold in packs of 10 pairs. ..
Combined Breathable Microfibre
Combined to foam, 4 mm thick Microfibre Lining. Sold by the metre, 140 cm wide.   ..
Cut Poron Heel Pad
Poron 6mm Heel pad  ..
Die Cut Poron Insoles - Trim to Fit
Trim to fit poron insoles. UK size 13.  ..
Dual Density A50/A25 35mm block
Dual Density A50/A25 35mm block ..