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Vibram Betulla 8303
Vibram 8303 Betulla Commando Units. Lightweight morflex sheet to be used on lifestyle footwear. Sold..
Vibram Gumblock H 2604
Vibram 2604 Gumblock H Commando units Black or Brown. The 22mm heel in Gumlite compound can be used ..
Vibram Gumblock S 2603
Vibram 2603 Gumblock S Commando units. Sole with separate heel. Excellent resistance to wear. B..
Vibram Montagna 1149
Vibram 1149 Montagna Commando Units. Blocker rubber sole: Excellent resistance to wear and high non-..
Vibram Pavia Half 2347
Vibram men's half-sole in 4.5mm compact rubber with crossed narrow line pattern. Available in three ..
Vibram Roccia 1136
Boasting optimum durability, non-slip capacity and a blocker rubber sole, the black V..
Vibram Roccia 1205
Vibram Roccia 9mm men's toplift in soft compound designed for comfort and grip, especially at l..
Vibram Sopratacco Top Heel 5350
A Vibram die cut and buffed 6mm toplift with excellent resistance to wear. Sold in packs of 10 pairs..
Vibram Stressa Half 2337
The men's Vibram 2337 Stressa half-sole is made from a 2.8mm depth compact rubber with a double narr..
1333 1-4 Rubber T-P
Leather / Rubber Heel lock tips 7mm rubber tips high quality and English made ..
Clarox Best Leather Half Soles
Clarox Best leather half soles for gents shoes. Leather soles for a variety of footwear repair ..
Com TOPS Comtesse Top Pieces
Highest quality nitrile rubber ladies top pieces embossed with file pattern for increased grip an..