Padding Materials

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Fleecey Foam
Fleecey Foam- Polyurethane foam with fleecy white top surface hypo-allergenic.  ..
Fleecy Web (Brushed Fleece Cotton)
Fleecy Web, Standard (Pack of 4 sheets, each sheet 45 x 22.5 cm) ..
Molefoam (Pack of 4 sheets, each sheet 45 x 22.5 cm) ..
Moleskin 1 roll
Moleskin hypo-allergenic 1 roll ..
Hypo-allergenic polyurethane foam  ..
Semi Compressed Felt Mixture (wool synthetic fibres) weave hypo-allergenic
This semi-compressed felt mixture weave of wool and synthetic fibres has an hypoallergenic adhesive...
Sponge Rubber
A flesh-coloured, foam latex with an hypo-allergenic adhesive. Available in two thicknesses and..
Wool felt semi-compressed (weave hypo-allergenic)
A semi-compressed wool felt with an hypoallergenic adhesive. Available in five thicknesses with a sh..